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Alzheimer's Disease, Autism, Auto Accidents & Trauma, Arthritis-Osteo and Rheumatoid, Arthritis/Brusitis, Allergies, Acute Sprains/Strains, Addictions, Acute and Chronic Back Pain, Anxiety, Acne, Burns, Beauty Care, Broken Bones, Bruises, Bell's Palsy, Circulatory Disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Carpal Tunnel, Disc Injuries, Depression, Detoxification, Edema, Fibromyalgia, Fibrous tissue and Cysts, Herpes Simplex/Shingles, Headaches, Hearing and Vertigo, Immune System Disorders, Infertility and Impotence, Insomnia, Infections, Knee Injuries, Lupus, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, Musculo-Skeletal & Myofascial Pain, Neurological Disorders, Neuromas, Neuritis, Neuropathy, Nerve Entrapment, Plantar Fasciitis, Parkinson's Disease, Postoperative Pain, Post Surgical Scar Tissue, Rotator Cuff Problems/Pain, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Sciatica, Shin Splints, Sleep Disorders, Sports Injuries, Stress Related Disorders, Stretch Marks, Substance Withdrawal, Soft Tissue Regeneration, Spinal Cord Injuries, TMJ & TMD, Tendonitis, Vision, Whiplash, Wound Healing

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The Electro-Acuscope monitors nerve conduction between two electrodes, and this is how the current amplitude and voltage output is adjusted and controlled. The Acuscope utilizes a complex waveform that mimics a nerve impulse.

The Electro-Myopulse measures the Bio-Impedance of the muscle tissue between the two electrodes. This is how the current amplitude and voltage output is adjusted and controlled. The Myopulse utilizes a sine wave, which mimics the wave produced when a muscle first contracts.

Changing Perceptions

Q: If this technology has been around 25 years, why hasn't medical science more fully endorsed this as a viable treatment option?

A: It must be understood that many of the healing benefits to tissue from this technology are not commonly accepted or understood in medical science.

Generally speaking, this medical science group accepts only the chemistry of the body, which unfortunately limits therapy to drugs and surgical interventions. This limited view of treatment options contains many limitations, complications, and often is unsuccessful in resolving a patient's problem.

Other scientific groups, such as physicists, understand and accept the concept that the energy fields of the human body function as an "ion tank". They also understand how the process of "ion exchange" exists naturally and helps maintain the chemical balance in the body.

It is further understood that injury/pathology as well as toxicity can alter this normal process. Considering what the body does to maintain health is arbitrary; poor nutrition, toxicity, injury, and pathology all reduce its effectiveness.

Everything we refer to "creating health" is about balance, or the "organization of ions" so cells can perform "ion exchange". This is truly the essence of our technology. When this process is "turned back on" through organizing ions, injury can heal quickly, pain goes away and range of motion improves faster than traditional techniques, with no side effects or known contra-indications!

Please review the to learn more about the Nobel Prize winning research on Ion channels in the body.

Understanding the technology & benefits

Through a scanning process these instruments work by identifying and highlighting abnormal tissue function/response, indicating damage and the need for healing and repair in that area. After identifying the damaged tissue, it is able to adjust itself, and produce an electric current which "normalizes or corrects" the damaged tissue. This corrective, low voltage electrical current actually regenerates injured tissue, i.e. bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It promotes the body's own healing mechanisms by initiating repairs at the cellular level, and assisting the body in its cellular and connective repair at an accelerated rate.

To effectively explain this concept to a potential patient may be difficult to convey. Consider simplifying this process by simply stating that, "when the human body sustains an injury, the electrical system goes into "chaos" or a "short circuit" at the site of injury".

Essentially, our instruments work by organizing these "chaotic" ions so that the tissue can repair itself. It also improves blood flow and increases blood and oxygen to the site of injury.

An additional benefit realized is the detoxification or "cleansing" of the tissue around this injury. When positive to negative current flows across a damaged cell membrane, the result is a discharge that displaces toxins and accelerates healing.

Our instruments also reduce spasm and fibrosis (scarring) in muscle tissue through fascia release, allowing the muscle to resume its natural length resulting in improved range of motion. Our instruments quiet the nervous system by re-establishing nerve conduction.

Stress reduction - one of many additional benefits

Our instruments not only repair tissue, but can also be used to reduce stress and pain via CES (Cranial Electro Stimulation). By creating balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and nervous system, stress & pain reduction can be achieved effectively.

CES can be used to improve patient function in closed-head brain injuries, reduce symptoms in Alzheimer's patients, reduce tremors in Parkinson's disease, improve function with Autism, and out performs drug therapy in anxiety and depression patients.

This technology is clearly underutilized in the USA.

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